Sunday, January 13, 2013

Riobamba and the Train Ride

Our original plan did not include a train ride; however, while checking in at Abraspungo, there was a brochure about the trains.  So,  on Sunday we boarded the Tren del Hielo.  The train traveled north from Riobamba, past the base of Chimborazo, to Urbina.  Below is the station in Riobamba.
The ferrocarril emblem
When we left the station, the train was escorted by security guards.  At crossings, the guards would stop traffic. 
The countryside was lovely.
Mick and Larry on the back of the train during a breakdown.
Discussing the problem.
Chimborazo is in the background.

Spectators along the way.
When we arrived in Urbina, horses were on standby for those who wanted to ride.
Karen, Larry, and Mick freezing in Urbina.  It was extremely cold.  The building to Mick's left is the museum and gift shop.  We bought scarves, which were a big help.
There's a snack shop.
The lounge
The snack shop with tasty empanadas.
An example of a loom for weaving rugs.
The train.
Alpacas outside the station.
The dirt in the region is extremely black.

Farming is prevalent.
There were lots of sheep.  The women spin their own yarn.
There were a number of workers along the way.  Notice the change in the soil.
Someone was having a party.
A large ravine
More spectators
Lunch was at Carl's Jr.  which is at El Paseo in Riobamba.  The burgers were yummy!
There are a number of horses in the mall.

The train ride was interesting.  We had a great time, bump, bump, bump.  Both of the train stations had vendors.  The scarves were beautifully done and rediculously inexpensive. 
The mall, El Paseo, includes a Chili's and Mi Comisariato.  The next step was Guano for rugs.
Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

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  1. Congratulations on taking the train ride. You are the first people we know who have taken this route. We did the Devil's Nose but not this one. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.