Friday, December 30, 2011

Alive and Well in Cuenca

It has been weeks since our last blog. We've had inquiries has to our well being. We've been fine, just busy with things that most would consider ordinary. However, it's time to catch up.

Our friends, Dale and Joan, had to return to Connecticut in order for Dale to have a medical procedure that was unavailable in Ecuador. He's fine and they will be returning next week. In Dale's absence, I've been accompanying Mick on his errands and mornings at the Coffee Tree.

A couple of months ago, we tried a new groomer for Mr. Nikolas. Caty comes to our apartment and does a great job keeping our little guy handsome. This is Caty and Mick.

She brings all her equipment and speaks great English. Her contact info is .

Last week, the awning at the Coffee Tree fell as a result of the torrential rain on Sunday evening.

It took 3 days for the repairs.

For the past year we've heard of Costco opening in Cuenca. We considered it highly unlikely; however, the rumors were still there. Last week the rumors were put to rest, the store opened...COSTTO...not quite the same, thank goodness. It's on the autopista.

Nikolas on Christmas Day with George.

There were parades. These are the students of the collegio near us.

This group of Santa's were a bit thin for the part.

Christmas stockings were made.

Christmas Eve at California Kitchen.

Christmas Day at the Wesson's.

We've had some new guys showing up at our feeder. The woodnymphs have been coming for months.
There's a new little fellow that is extremely tiny coming around; however, I've been unable to get a picture. I copied this one from a birdwatcher sight. It is a woodstar hummingbird.

Wednesday we were graced with this big guy's presence. It is an Inca brown and has fed everyday since.

On Thursday, there was of course rain, followed by rainbows.

The bottom rainbow was incredibly brilliant. It was so large you could see the intersection with the ground.

Yes, we're alive and well in Cuenca. What a great way to end the year with friends, hummingbirds, and rainbows.

Until next time,

Mick and Kathy