Friday, January 4, 2013

Reflections of 2012

Living in Cuenca is just like living anywhere else in so many ways.  Good and bad things happen everywhere.  In viewing 2012 in restrospect, I considered those things.  You don't have to have life continuously filled with "wow" moments for it to be good.  If you're constantly seeking "wow", you're probably going to miss something and discount you're constant baseline.  For us, we're good with constant.

The past year introduced us to some new folks, some passing through, others making Cuenca their new home.    We saw some return to their previous life; some didn't see the new year begin.  Life is cyclic.  With every end is another beginning.  Ours is a continuation in a foreign place that we now call home.  Cuenca is not perfect but it is right for us.  Amidst the continuing alarms, fireworks, and sirens, there is a peace  here.   It is a good thing to be content.

2012 brought a couple of bad things for us.....not really bad, but bad enough, things that we had to deal with.  In mid-year, Mick had a kidney stone; although not detrimental, it can be painful.  The worst part of the situation was dealing with an incompetent urologist that did an unnecessary prcedure.   We learn from our mistakes.  Mick recovered and life is good.

The only other bad things happened to me, both essentially the same.  One morning a group of us were sitting at the Coffee Tree, when we were ready to go, Nikolas' bag was missing.  Someone had taken it while it was hanging on my chair.  Mick ordered a new one when we got home, but it was the very fact that none of us saw it.  It was later found a block away and the person emailed me. 

A couple of weeks after the bag incident, I was walking on Juan Jaramillo.  I always wore a gold necklace and when out stuck in my top.  On this particular day, I forgot, a young guy grabbed and ran with it.  I still feel lost.  The necklace was very important to me.  Mick had it made for me before we were married.  It was solid 18K gold and all those years ago cost over $600.  The punk that stole it probably sold it for $5.

We were in Chordeleg a few days ago and Mick bought me a new one.  It's not the same but it is lovely.
Compared to things that happen to some and things that we've experienced in the past, the minor incidents that we've labeled as bad are minor.  Mick and I are fortunate.  We are healthy and comfortable.  January 1 brought another wedding anniversary for us.  Again, we are fortunate to have found each other and shared so much.  We have Nikolas, who brings tremendous joy to our lives.  Also, we have a great group of friends with whom to laugh. 
Life continues.  Life is constant.  We are fortunate.
Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

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