Friday, June 24, 2011

And Life Goes On

It has been almost a month since the previous post. Although I don't won't to give the impression that life is mundane or repetitious, but we continue to do the things that we enjoy. Mick enjoys reading and is one of Amazon's best customers; also, his day is incomplete without a visit to the coffee tree. We continue to have people over for dinner, but find it unnecessary to comment on every meal that is prepared. Over the last few weeks, we have met some lovely folks visiting Cuenca, have seen several of our friends leave for vacation to various countries and others return to their new home. Life goes on, regardless of where you live. We are continuing our lives as retirees.

Last week, Mick and I went to Quito to apply for his social security benefits. Pat and Sue graciously agreed to stay at our apartment with Nikolas. He was well cared for and even more spoiled when we returned. A BIG thank you to both of them; we were completely at ease. Daniel Arroyo is the benefits liason for Ecuador and accepts phone calls between 8 and 10AM, Monday-Thursday. He has window hours on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:30-3:30.

We took an early flight to Quito, checked in the Hilton and then checked out Mr. Bagel. Mick has missed bagels and delighted in going to the bagel shop located on Av. Portugal y 6 de Dicembre.

The embassy in Quito was a bit different than other embassies we've visited. Everyone we encountered was Ecuadorian. Instead of showing our US passports and entering, we had to stand in line with everyone else. It was first come, first served. Everything was taken care of quickly. Upon finishing, I reclaimed my cell phone and camera. Upon reaching the street to hail a taxi, I turned around and took a picture. I was then descended upon by three guards who seized my camera and erased the picture of the embassy, along with some that were already on the camera. What a great place! After we drove off, Mick stuck the camera out of the window and took these not so impressive shots, but I'm posting them, just because.

We had fun shopping and picking up some things that are unavailable in Cuenca. Jim and Angie had returned the day before from Canada. We met them at the airport. Welcome back, guys.

On Friday night, we attended the symphony, which is an excellent organization, although the musical selection, was less than appealing, contemporary Russian. There was a small following in attendance.
Nikolas became ill on Saturday. After calling our groomer's husband, who is a large animal vet, on Sunday, he began meds. On Monday, we were off to Clinica Mora. Dr. Mora deals only with cats and dogs, was educated at Ohio State and speaks perfect English. He was so gentle with our baby and spent about 45 minutes with us. It took a couple more days, but he is normal again, but still taking the meds; he had gastritis. Dr. Mora has called twice since his visit. We highly recommend him.

Tuesday was Angie's birthday. For her 39th birthday, the four of us celebrated at Fogo. In addition to the circulating hat, they supplied their version.

Fogo is a lovely restaurant on the way to Turi, overlooking the city. Food is excellent, service is impeccable.

On Wednesday, the weavers again celebrated Angie's birthday with a party.

The weavers.

Life goes on! We continue our daily routines, visiting friends, and enjoying our lives in Cuenca.

Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 29

Sunday was May 29. As with each day, many births and events occur. May 29 is the day on which Ecuador became independent in 1922. Also, the first running of the Indy 500, the declaration from the US Supreme Court stating that baseball is a sport and not a business, and Michael Jackson's attempt to purchase the Elephant Man all occurred on May 29. A number of famous people were born on this date, including, President John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, LaToya Jackson, and Melissa Etheridge. Many ordinary folks were hatched on this day, including myself.

After 55 years, I was surprised with a fiesta at the California Kitchen. Carol and Susie out-did themselves with a scrumptious meal of lasagna. (When you see it as a special, go!) Friends, food, Mick, and Nick, what more could I ask for on my birthday?

Mick had the camera and took a few pictures. There were even balloons.

The birthday girl, Sue, Pat, Hank, and George

Lyn and Cardell

Rod, Carlos, Susie, George, and Carol

Frances, Linda, Hank, Sherry, Pat, Sue, Larry, Brennie

Brenda and I are both wearing hats.

Mick, Nikolas, and the birthday girl

The party's over.

What a great way to spend a birthday! It was incredible, even more so in that it was a SURPRISE! I am so grateful to have Mick and such wonderful friends. Carol, Susie, George, and Jim took their day off to do this; I can't thank them enough! It was the best!

Until next time,

Mick and Kathy