Friday, April 22, 2011

Viernes Santo

Viernes Santo, Good Friday, is a major holiday in Cuenca. Our plan was to go out for breakfast with Hank and then observe the processions. The restaurants that serve breakfast were closed so we ended up at Goda, the restaurant at Hotel El Dorado.

Goda serves a good and inexpensive breakfast buffet that is excellent. The buffet included breads, fruits, salsichas, bacon, eggs, and omelet bar. It is located on Gran Columbia.

While having breakfast, Mick was summoned to move the car and we heard music. The processional had begun depicting the stations of the Cross.Leading the procession were altar boys; some seemed a bit uninterested.

After the altar boys came the priest.

There was a large crowd.

There was also a soloist.

The religious statuary followed.

The final was the Crucifixion.

The processional was highly interesting. The morning was sunny for the event; however, the rain came in the afternoon as usual...perfect napping weather.

In the evening, we went to Jim and Silene's for a Venezuelan dinner, which was delicious. For dessert, Silene had prepared lemon flan, a favorite of Mick's.

Jim and Silene were gracious hosts and we had a lovely evening with them.

It was another great day in Cuenca!

Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rainbows and Celebrations

One thing that has been consistent in the past week is rain. We have had massive downpours, but with all the rain comes the rainbow.

At weaving this week, Cumita showed off her finished shawl, quite elegant.
Maricita also tried it on.

Last week, a couple that had contacted us about food for Nikolas arrived in Cuenca on vacation from Fort Worth. On Saturday, we took Scott and Carolyn to Gualeceo and Chordeleg. We stopped by the recreation area on the river for Nikolas to take a potty break. The area is quite nice with sheltered picnic areas. Here is the statue guarding the area.

There is a stage with a beautiful mural that has been defaced by graffiti.

We had lunch at Barancuba in Gualeceo which has a very nice lunch. It is located on the main street. We've lunched there a number of times.

After lunch, we drove on to Chordeleg, which was having a celebration. There was a carnival with rides and food tents. Here are Scott and Carolyn.

There was a trolley for transportation.

Only locals, plus 4 gringoes were in attendance.

Carolyn tried huevitos Chileanos.

There were even barkers and games.

This little girl was hiding under the viewing stand of the parade.

These guys just wanted their picture taken.
The streets were adorned with balloon arches.
Scott and Carolyn departed on Thursday for the US. Prior to their departure, we had them for dinner, along with Hank and Sherry.
Scott and Carolyn, thanks so very much for adding a bag of crunchies in your luggage.
This has been a week of celebrations. Last week, there was the celebration of Cuenca and one also in Chordeleg, but we've also celebrated our daily accomplishments, new friends, and a bag of dog food. Celebrations, large and small, are the best in Cuenca.

Until next time,

Mick and Kathy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many Thanks!

A few days ago I wrote the story of Nikolas. We have had quite a response and are extremely grateful for the many kind people that will be visiting in the future and remembering Nick. For those who have contacted us, you're already on our calendar.

Again, many thanks!

Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

Catching Up with Pictures

Usually the camera is handy, however, I'm a bit slack in posting some of the pictures. This is primarily some of the pictures of some of our encounters in our lives here. At just about any time you can expect a parade. This one was on Primero de Mayo, a recent Sunday morning.
We have new neighbors living below us. In addition to Hank and Sherry, there is Gixi, a pug, and Poobah, a neo mastif.
These were taken from our terrace.
In the ordeal of the legalities of driving, Mick met Alfredo, a Cuencano who has lived in Florida for many years. We had coffee one evening with his wife, Darcy, and another friend from the US, James. Darcy and Alfredo will eventually live in Cuenca.

Mick and Nick
Our grass gets cut once a month with weed eaters.
Lunch at Nori Wok.
The next few pictures of our cafecito at weaving.

Maricita had made a wonderful apple cake.
I made Lena, our housekeeper, a scarf. Here she is just after receiving it.
With all the rain we've had, there have also been rainbows. This was the view one afternoon from the terrace. Nick never wants to get up in the morning. Angie is showing off one of the treasures she made as a gift for family back in Canada. Jim and Angie left yesterday for Canada. Buen viaje! We're waiting for your return.

This afternoon we've had a Cuenca hail storm.

Life is good!

Until next time,

Mick and Kathy