Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To Be a Kid Again, Just for an Afternoon

How often do you hear someone say, "oh, I wish I could be a kid again?" Some of us had that opportunity last Sunday. In celebration of Carol's birthday, we rented Brincolines, a kiddie eventos place in our neighborhood. The group gathered before the arrival of Carol and George. While waiting, some played on the playground.

Some just chatted while waiting, such as Dale, Joan, and Angie.

There were games and some showed us how to hula hoop, including the birthday girl.

Barbara is getting ready to demonstrate.

There was face painting.

Some were even "hot"!

Some were dainty.

Most were patient.

Some chose not to participate.

There were games, including an extremely competitive round of musical chairs.

Dish stacking.

We played dress up and danced.

The theme of the party was "Las Princesas" so the princess tossed the pinata.

Everyone scrambled for the goodies.

It was time for the cake to be served so the birthday girl made a brief speach.

There were presents, including a bow to wear with her birthday suit.

She also received a beautiful black wig.

On Monday night, the celebration continued at the Villa Rosa; however, Carol chose not to don any of her gifts, including the black wig. Carol's friends who had been at the previous party looked a little different also.

Carol's birthday ended without any broken bones or other injuries. Hopefully she felt very special and this will be long remembered. It gave us an opportunity to be kids again; which was a treat for all of us. Carol, thanks so much for all that you do for so many of us.
Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carol!

If you live in Cuenca, you know her. If you've visited Cuenca, you've met her. If you read the blogs., you've heard of her. It's Carol Evans of California Kitchen. Carol is one of those rare people that immediately endears herself to you. She hustles around California Kitchen performing whatever duty is needed. Always wearing a smile, she is quick witted and a wealthy of information for those new to Cuenca.

Today is Carol's birthday; I'll refrain from the number of years. Carol, we hope that today is perfect and memorable. Happy birthday, dear friend! May you have many, many more!!!

Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Touristy Things with Friends

After months of anticipation on their part, and our working to get the guest room ready, our friends Dale and Joan arrived last Thursday from North Carolina. This is their first trip to Ecuador and they have become quite enamored with it.

Having originated in Connecticut, they're finding the weather quite nice.

Here they are at the airport in Cuenca after spending the night in Quito.

On Friday afternoon we were on our way downtown, via Solano. The pool in front of the Banco Pichincha was filled with children getting out of school.

Everyone seemed to be having fun.

Dinner was at California Kitchen for the grand opening of the new bar.

On Saturday morning, the four of us, along with Jim and Angie, left for Ingapirca. After turning off the road to Canar, we noticed that Jim and Angie weren't with us. There had been a problem with the alarm on Jim's car; it began alarming and the engine locked. After about 40 minutes and a number of phone calls, we were once again on our way.

Here we are twiddling our thumbs.

After we got on our way, we approached a small community where some of the locals had a chain stretched across the road. They were entrepreneurs, wanting to charge us $5 per vehicle to travel the road. Mick insisted that he would not pay it to travel a public road. Jim agreed. After sitting there aT few minutes, Jim took the lead, being in the taller vehicle and drove over the chain, breaking it, followed by our car. The people with the chain were furious, screaming and cursing us.

We finally made it to Ingapirca, which shortly after arriving, a rain storm came up, along with hail.

We had lunch at Hosteria Ingapirca. The food was mediocre, but the setting is lovely.

This lady aloud us to photograph her and her daughter.

At the shops, Jim enjoyed bargaining with one of the vendors.

They eventually exchanged hats.

Sunday was more "touristy" things. We began with breakfast at the Kookaburra and then to Parque Calderon. Before arriving in Cuenca, you always have the misconception of the size of the park. It is a small park; but on Sunday you never know what you'll find. After having been in a parade on Calle Larga, these horses were coming along Sucre.

This fellow is always interesting.

There is usually music. You can see really tight pants. Sometimes you can see someone sleeping off the previous night.

Nick was worn out after his tourist day.

Dale and Joan are quite pleased with Cuenca. We're so glad they're here. There's still so much for them to see and do.

Until next time,
Mick and Kathy