Friday, January 11, 2013

On the Way to Riobamba

Saturday morning Mick, Larry, Karen, and I  left Cuenca for a few days in the north.  Because of shopping plans, we drove separate cars.  The drive to Riobamba is lovely.  The area is more developed agriculturally than here.
It's always amazing to watch the people work the steep fields.

You never know what you'll encounter.  There should have been a few more people on this truck.

The oldest church in Ecuador is in Colta, just outside of Riobamba.  It was build in 1534.

 Some of the carvings on the exterior.  Ancient aliens?
 The walls are incredibly thick.

The ceiling is of bamboo.

 The Virgen.
 Larry and Mick outside the church.
 Ruins of a dwelling beside the church.

We continued driving to Riobamba.  Our accommodations were at Hosteria Abraspungo .
 This was our suite.

Mick and Nikolas
 Larry and Nikolas
 Dinner was at the restaurant.  The appearance of the plating was better than the taste.  Above is an Asian fusion pork dish.  Below, beef.
 Larry and Karen.
One wall of the restaurant was covered with these fabulous bowls.  The bowls are another story.
There's lots of tile work everywhere at Abraspungo.

The hotel was lovely.  Somewhere behind the grounds was a band that played one of the traditional songs almost perpetually.  Either they were paid or extremely dedicated.  The weather was overcast most of the time.  The first day, there was not even a glimpse of the surrounding peaks.  We were just getting started, having a great time.  The trip continues.

Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

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