Sunday, June 20, 2010

Out and About in Cuenca

Cuenca is truly a beautiful city. We have met some wonderful people and are loving the city. When you're out and about there is an abundance of markets of various types, including the flower market. The vendors are truly artists in floral arranging. The flowers are a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the US. A large portion of the flowers shipped to the states are grown in Ecuador.

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting Brian, Shelley, and Freddi. They gave us the grand tour of their apartment, which is splendid and feted us with wine and some of Brian's country pate that he learned to make in cooking class. It was delicious. Brian and Shelley have been so helpful to us in answering our questions and assisting as needed. They are great!

Dinner was at Tiesto's. The company was the best, great conversation, and a lot of laughs. The food was outstanding. We indulged in curry chicken and the accompaniments. Below is a picture of a sinful desert.

Things are a bit more lenient here. Freddy goes everywhere with her Mommy and Daddy. She is extremely well behaved and extremely sweet. Little does she know that she will soon have a new playmate.

For the last couple of mornings, we've been to the Kookaburra Cafe for breakfast. The owners, Chris and Jenny, (Chris is pictured below) work extremely hard to make sure that the clientel is happy. In addition to the cafe, they also rent rooms.

Below are some of the usual Sunday morning patrons. You'll probably recognize some from their blogs. At the far end of the table is Rich. The gentleman beside him and the lady at the very front, we did not have the opportunity to meet. Nancy and Nancy are in the middle and Chuck is on this end in the shadows. It was wonderful to finally meet the "blog celebs"!

We've met some extremely interesting and fun people in our few days here. One couple is from Alabama and have purchased an enourmous hacienda type structure. They will be renovating it into living quarters for the family, as well as an area for a restaurant and B and B. They showed us the building. Below is inside the courtyard.

Below is Rod, the new owner, Mick, and another new friend, Ed, who has recently moved to Cuenca with his wife, Tresa. They are standing in the old kitchen. Ed is holding their baby, Michayla, another new friend for Nick.

The building comes complete with its own prayer chapel.

Below is Shelly, Rod's wife, and Tresa, Ed's wife, on the roof of the building.

This is the exterior. Adjoining their building is another that is owned by a relative of the previous owner.

There are a number of other pictures; however, that will be the next installment.
Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

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  1. mick and kathy, i have been dreaming about moving to ecuador for so seems like i can never quite do it-----my wife is very reluctant but with researching this for two years,i am sure it is what I need to do----I am coming there this fall.....we are more rural people and I am wondering if there are acerages or farms overlooking Cuenca that could be bought for a fair price------Other folks have warned me not to buy anything for one year ...because property is not liquid and resellable????I i intend on staying in Cuenca for a few weeks to look for some land and would appreciate any [and I mean any] help you folks could give us in finding are way around-----??We have alot of cats we take care and intend on bringing some of them--------I think a city life is not possible .....but wonder if rural life is even possible for newcomwers?????thanks