Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life Is Excellent

This week has had a couple of beautiful, sunny days, very uncommon for here. Today brought rain most of the day. When you read the many articles about Cuenca being the perfect retirement spot, the land of perpetual spring, the writers fail to mention the extensive rain. For some, that may be important, for us, it is not. In the mornings, the low is usually no less than 52.

Tuesday evening, the weavers met at Gourmand Cafe for a coffee. It was a lovely evening with lots of chatting. Here are Maricita and Cecie.

Joan and Elaine

Patricia, Monica, and Mariana

Rommie and Lourdes

The fellow had burgers at a new burger place on Julio Matovalle, Carbon y Lena. The burgers are excellent. They had coffee at Sylvia's afterwards. Here are Bob, Mick, and Dale waiting for us.
After our little get-together, Mick took Dale and Joan home and was going to return for Bob, Elaine, and me. After dropping Dale and Joan off, he had stopped at for a red light on Remigio Tamariz. Two guys approached the car simultaneously and attempted to get into the car. Fortunately, the doors were locked; Mick ran the red light.

We had just heard the previous day of this happening with someone else. Recently, there was an article about the rise in crime in Cuenca. While out and about, play it safe.

Nikolas has recovered and is doing well. Here he is at the Coffee Tree, begging for and enjoying hot chocolate.
Mick is safe and Nikolas is well. Life is excellent in Cuenca.
Until next time,
Mick and Kathy

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